Travelling Man

Some of you guys may recognize: This is the first track on our brand new Sailing Conductors album “AAA”! This is the outcome when creative, talented and passionate musicians make music together. We were so incredibly lucky to work with the amazing NEOJIBA project from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. And apart from that… Brazil is full of highly talented musos and we would’ve loved to spend more time in this beautiful country to record more great musicians.
We started recording Andrew James in South Africa where he just played some guitar lines he had just come up with. When we arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Vicky Lucato wrote some beautiful lyrics for the song about us! How cool is that! Then Fernando Bastos added his glorious piano and finally we were more than lucky to work with NEOJIBA ( – a Youth Orchestra from Salvador. Thank you so much guys for everything you did for us! But now enough talking. Just close your eyes and enjoy some honest music.

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