Caribe Tambo

In many countries we asked the German Goethe-Institut for help and sent them tons of emails but usually we never received an answer back. But then finally something happened! The German Goethe-Institut in Cartagena, Colombia got our message, loved our Sailing Conductors project and organized a musician day for us where lots of Cartagena’s musicians were invited. When we arrived in the courtyard of the institute there were already about 15 musicians waiting for us – awesome! But where were we going to start? Every single musicians quickly introduced himself in Spanish and a staff of the Goethe-Institut translated for us. It turned out that the first 5 musicians were a band: They call themselves “Caribe Tambo”. They had interesting looking musical instruments, some of them which we’d never seen before. Well, let’s do it then! They played a few traditional songs, written by themselves. These guys were so good that we also wanted to have them perform for, “Radiate”, a song that we recorded only a few weeks before in Trinidad and Tobago and that was still missing any kind of rhythm section. Colombia was the first country on our trip where we had to speak Spanish but unfortunately didn’t know how to. That’s why only after a long time we found out that “Caribe Tambo” already performed for our lovely colleagues from the “Playing for Change” project. Impressive – these guys are serious professionals!

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