Natthapong Yutthanasirikul aka Jay (en)

Natthapong Yutthanasirikul, also known as Jay, plays violin in the “Siam Sinfonietta” orchestra in Bangkok. Just at the same time as we were in Hua Hin, the orchestra gave a concert at the “Mrigadayavan Palace of Love and Hope”. We were excited and talked to the violinist right after the concert – a violin would fit perfectly to our new song “Being Slow”. Jay liked our concept and was keen to meet us for a recording session. Unfortunately, the daylight was gone after the first rehearsals, so that the filming outside was not possible and we therefore set up our mics inside the house. The musician lives together in the house with the conductor of the orchestra – the brilliant Thai-American musical composer S.P. Somtow who we contacted before our arrival and through whom the contact to the orchestra was possible in the first place. A wonderful house full of musical instruments, plain perfect for us.

The recording with Jay was fun, the musician buckled down and that’s exactly what you can hear in his music!

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