Pimluk Vessawasdi (en)

Pimluk, or just “Mai”, sings in the Bangkok “Siam Sinfonietta” orchestra. Many musicians were performing at the Hua Hin “Mrigadayavan Palace of Love and Hope” at the same time that we happened to be there. We were actually meeting the brilliant Thai-American musical composer and conductor S.P. Somtow, when we coincidentally saw and heard Mai on stage, accompanied by the orchestra. We both knew exactly what we were going to do once the concert was over: get ahold of Mai, interview her and arrange a meeting for the next day. And that’s what we did. As a nice shooting location we decided on the garden of the “King’s Palace” in Bangkok. Mai is a nice girl who always has a smile on her face and the recordings with her were a lot of fun.

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