Drums: Reinhard Liebers

Reinhard Liebers

Ben and Reini met back in high school, have beend friends ever since, and in November 2011 Reini wanted to stop by to meet and get to know Hannes and Marianne in person and enjoy a little vacation while traveling and sailing. But he knew that our motto is “work for shelter”. So he helped us out where he could, on, as well as off Marianne.

Back then we were recording “Being Slow” and were still looking for the right drummer. So he played the drums for this (and also other) pieces and thus slowly became more crew than guest. Even now he still supports us from Heidelberg, Germany, organizing small things while we are at sea and provides us with wind an weather forecasts via our satellite phone. On top of that he wrote some great blog posts which you can finde here AND he translates all of our German gibberish into english. A real champ!

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