Ujjayinee Roy (en)

Fortunately we had scheduled a couple of days in Chennai, India, before our plane was to take us back to Sri Lanka, where our Marianne had been waiting for us for a month.

Nitin, a musician from Mumbai, spontaneously gave us the phone number of a friend and singer from Chennai. When we called Ujjayinee, she sounded excited and invited us to her place for the next day. This particular musician doesn’t only sing but she additionally works as a composer, song writer, and dancer and “has been the voice behind numerous songs in Tamil, Hidi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telegu films and has worked with the likes of A R Rahman, Illayaraja, Sajid – WWajid Yuvan Shankar Raja and MG Sreekumar amongs” (from Reverbnation). Straight away we all got along very well and after we happily and successfully finished the first recordings, her friend Ed DeGenaro and Ujjayinee offered us to stay at their place until our flight back to Colombo. Heck yeah! So we spent a good time together and did not stop playing music until the minute we had to leave. Thanks so much for the fried eggs and for everything. You guys are the best!

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