Another Musical Adventure

Dear friends of the music.

We’re close. The first 5000 nautical miles are within sight. Supposedly one is a true seaman after that (so they say).

At the moment, Thailand is giving us a heartfelt welcome and not only sends bad winds and rain, but also truely heavy squalls!

Christmas is just around the corner and due to the upcoming hurricane season we have to “overwinter” the next months in the Golf of Thailand and the South China Sea. Christmas presents will then be shared in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam.

But there’s still lots of time to do what we love the most and the entire month of October is dedicated to the music.

  1. In about 2 weeks, the glorious Bangkok Orchestra is waiting for us for a recording session. This will bring a breeze of classical note to our project. We’re excited and look forward to meeting them soon!
  2. Additionally, the talented Australian singer/songwriter Lincoln Davis is visiting us to spend a musical month with the Sailing Conductors touring around Thailand. As a start there will be a charity concert in Hua Hin on October 15th. We’ll certainly record the show and everything will be available for watching as fast as possible. Optionally, you guys could just come out here and join us live!

This October will be another musical adventure and will surely provide tons of songs and videos for you to enjoy. We’re giving it our best to have the audio and video published as soon as possible! Check back with us the next days and weeks!

The best and saltiest wishes,

your Sailing Conductors


P.S. As you might know we have just launched our project on Now the last 2 weeks are running and we still need a bit of small change to be able to successfully finish the fund raising. Maybe one or two can find a last penny in their sock… A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who already helped us getting a bit closer to our new sail. You’re awesome!

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