Lincoln Davis

“Lincoln has a rare gift. He manages to EXTRACT every last drop of emotion from his nylon stringed guitar. His lyrics are as honest aS his technique IS flawless.”

LUX, Berlin Kreuzberg, 2009

This quote says everything you have to know about Lincoln.

The Australian grew up in South Africa, where his Dad picked up a few Flamenco skills from an old knife maker and passed them on to his eager son. Ever since, Lincoln hasn’t put his guitar down.

We got to know the musician in Berlin, where he lived for a couple of years while we were studying audio engineering. Ever since, he has been a regular and welcome visitor in the recording studio. When we met each other again in Sydney one thing was for sure: If he can’t sail with us, he definitely has to visit us on every continent we go. To travel around and to capture music with us, and thus this amazing musician is a major part of our project.

Saman Lenin

On the scout for musicians in Galle, Sri Lanka the good hint of a bar owner brings us to the only music store in the city. When we ask the shopkeeper whether he knows any musos, the man hurries away and after less than three minutes Saman Lenin stands in front of us, the shop owner’s brother, and he loves our project. The musician studies voice at the “University of the Visual & Performing Arts” in Colombo and takes his time to meet us for a recording session – despite his full schedule. After that we meet up almost every day, Saman Lenin invites us to his friend’s recording studio in Colombo to record a song with us. The musician quickly becomes a friend and one thing is for sure: Saman will be in Germany in 2014 when we enter the harbor of Rostock for the Hansesail. We already look forward to seeing him again soon!

If you’re in Sri Lanka and want to visit Saman, just write him an e-mail!

Pi Noi

Pi Noi isn’t just a usual guitar player. He lives in the music, his heart functions only through the picking of a guitar string. He can’t stop talking about it and when he plays his guitar he just can’t stop smiling.

Pi Noi is a freelance guitarist from Bangkok in Thailand but travels through the country a great deal of his time to play gigs with other musicians.
We meet him on the charity concert for flood victims in Bangkok which Peter Barry organized especially for the Sailing Conductors and where lots of local bands and dance groups perform.
If you’re in Thailand the next time and want to play some great music, get in contact with Pi Noi… you won’t regret it!

Peter Barry (en)

Long before our music journey starts, Peter sends us an email saying that whenever we come to Thailand we have to come to Hua Hin, the “King City” on the East Coast of the country and that he knows lots of traditional Thai musicians. He heard about us through a common friend, Lincoln Davis, a Sydney based guitar player. We don’t really have the plan to sail through the Golf of Thailand because it simply isn’t on our route but when November comes too quickly (and with it the tropical cyclone season) we change plans and suddenly Hua Hin is on the very top of our list.

Peter is an Australian who works as an English teacher in Hua Hin for a couple of years. He quickly organizes a charity concert in our name. The concert is a success and we can raise quite a lot of money which is going towards Burmese refugees and Koran hill tribe people living in Thailand and also for the flood victims in Bangkok.

Thanks Pete for showing us your second home town, for introducing us to a million people and for being the best organizer ever! If you want to get in contact with him while you’re in Hua Hin, you can write him on facebook.

René Wooller (en)

Well, after all we are not alone out there – René is the first real yachtie we meet on out trip. The Australian sails with his wife Cerae on his beautiful sailing boat Anima to the most amazing places of this world, just a step slower than we do. One night René is on board our Marianne to play some guitar with us, he suddenly started to hit our sink like the drums. Who knew that you can get such great sounds out of dirty dishes! The next morning René is back again and everything is – of course – set up already. He’s got the rhythm in his blood.

After we meet Chris on his sailing boat Asylum we are a real sailing gang and together we paint the coast red…

By now René and Cerea ended their trip and are about to sell Anima. But you should check out their nice blog while you still can!

What René did to our sink you can see here!

Anntheresa at Unit 6

Marianne and her two young sailor men are on the open water again. As a last goodbye they want you to watch the brand new video “Anntheresa at Unit 6”. Just a couple of impressions of this beautiful Papua New Guinea. Anntheresa is a talented church singer from Port Moresby. We really enjoyed recording her and listening to her beautiful voice.

The fixed main and jib sail will hopefully bring them to Darwin in 3 weeks time. You can be part of their journey on and track the daily updated route through the Torres Strait on the map.
Kisses from the crew of the ‘Sailing Conductors’