Mister Vee – windvane self steering

The Sailing Conductors are very happy to welcome their new helmsman on board of Marianne. The designer of the Mister Vee self steering systems Sven Heesterman from Arnhem in the Netherlands, agreed to provide us with one of his great systems Y&B.

Freedom with a Vee

Sven Heesterman

Mister Vee offers windvane self steering that is especially suitable for smaller boats … weiterlesen

Many thanks to…

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Miachelis Family, Polly Pop!, Stefan Dräger, Matthias Nimz, Heinz + Ulrike Gillmaier, Peter Sorowka, Marie-Christin Küster, Matthias Holl, Rainer Meyer, Sarah Schaschek, Martin Plueckhahn, Eric Stange, Michael Leyendecker, Nathalie van den Bergh, Anne Cutchin, Gabriele Cornelius, Christian Körber, Mike Freytag, Laura Haustein, Christian Nordhorn, Fabian Schaschek, Beatrix Michels, Dr. Radmann + Partner, Jürgen + Karin Schaschek, Familie Laufer, Angret + Ralf + Nina Koch, Hans-Jürgen + Franz Schaschek, Roswita Lübcke, Claus + Brigitte Koch, Marina und Wolfram Schmidt!

In total you guys were able to raise $ 1,983! Thanks to you we will soon have new sails which will allow us to travel around the world for at least a couple of years. There’s nothing like knowing that there are dedicated people out there who believe in us and our project. Without people like you, we would have to fold up shop! THANK YOU!

Boworn Fashion House, Bangkok

This is the story of two sailors who went to the tailors. We brought Berlin’s Kopfsteinpflaster (cobblestone) to the streets of Bangkok. These beautiful suits will accompany us on our journey and will eventually walk the cobblestone streets of Berlin with us.

Thanks to the Boworn Fashion House for the location and thanks to Lincoln Davis for playing his song “Kopfsteinpflaster”!

You can order suits internationally at
They’ll pick you up from anywhere in Bangkok! Just call +662 234-2052-3

Peter Sorowka – Routen PlugIn (en)

Peter Sorowka
Peter processes the route tracking for us and you

Many thanks to Hamburg-based Peter who helped us intergrate our route trackings! This little tool enables us to update our current position everywhere on the open water via satellite telephone. Sweet!

He most certainly sails as well. Visit his websites sy-piano.de | bootschaft.net and leave him a post.