Boworn Fashion House, Bangkok

This is the story of two sailors who went to the tailors. We brought Berlin’s Kopfsteinpflaster (cobblestone) to the streets of Bangkok. These beautiful suits will accompany us on our journey and will eventually walk the cobblestone streets of Berlin with us.

Thanks to the Boworn Fashion House for the location and thanks to Lincoln Davis for playing his song “Kopfsteinpflaster”!

You can order suits internationally at
They’ll pick you up from anywhere in Bangkok! Just call +662 234-2052-3

Fighting Thailand – First week in Hua Hin

This is a short summary of Thailand giving us a heartfelt welcome. We’re so happy to spend our first week with great musicians and lots of other perfect people!

After the charity concert where the most footage was shot we were incredibly lucky to meet the brilliant Thai-American musical composer and conductor S.P. Somtow with the very talented Youth Bangkok Orchestra. By the way, Somtow is also a science fiction, fantasy, and horror author!
Lincoln Davis then visited us on our sailing boat “Marianne” and didn’t feel too good when the wind started to pick up! So after one day of sailing we had to return to shore and instead recorded “All that I’m leaving here” on our balcony. Enjoy!

Anntheresa at Unit 6

Marianne and her two young sailor men are on the open water again. As a last goodbye they want you to watch the brand new video “Anntheresa at Unit 6”. Just a couple of impressions of this beautiful Papua New Guinea. Anntheresa is a talented church singer from Port Moresby. We really enjoyed recording her and listening to her beautiful voice.

The fixed main and jib sail will hopefully bring them to Darwin in 3 weeks time. You can be part of their journey on and track the daily updated route through the Torres Strait on the map.
Kisses from the crew of the ‘Sailing Conductors’