1. Travelling Man

36 Musiker aufgenommen in Südafrika, Brasilien, Trinidad & Tobago und Deutschland

Guitar: Andrew James – andrewjames.bandcamp.com
Vocals: Vicky Lucato – www.facebook.com/vickylucatooficia
Piano: Fernando Bastos – www.facebook.com/fernandobtn
Orchestra: Neojiba – neojiba.org
Drums: Tim Neuhaus – www.tim-neuhaus.de
Steel Pan: Natasha Joseph – www.facebook.com/panwoman
Backings: Jack Mantis – www.jackmantisband.com
Cello: Captain Ben
Bass: Smutje Hannes
from Songs for Marianne, releases May 12, 2017


I’m a travelling man
Live in a small spot
In the blue world called the sea
Lay down my bed and I ask myself
Where else do I have to beI can’t help it
That’s my essence
I’m totally free
And it could be so alone
The fact that I don’t have a home
But I have you my friend
I have you to share
All my gold
All I seeAnd who knows what else we’re gonna meet
A new song is what guides me
Particular sounds to hearBut my radio is the ocean
Listen what the wave says
The great emptiness
I’m not afraidThat’s where I find myself
Mixed with cultures I’ve learned with everybody else
But still me