Kühle Eimerdusche im Schatten der Passatbesegelung

Schmetterling vs. Passatbesegelung (en)

Yvonne und Ben vor den Schmetterlingsflügeln
Yvonne and Ben in front of the butterfly wings

Due to the same wind and course for days and weeks we are currently checking alternative sail positions with our new spinnaker pole. The first opportunity is called “wing on wing”.

Unfortunately, the main sail takes the wind of the genoa which is a bit further in the front. The boat swivels sidways and the foresail falls in.

Kühle Eimerdusche im Schatten der Passatbesegelung
Refreshing bucket shower in the shadow of the tradewind sails

A second option was more promising! Two genoas attached to the forestay at the same time. So the main sail (which will not be hoisted) does not cover the wind for the genoa. This seems to be the best choice for the selfsteering and looks awesome 😉

08.08.2011 - GPS S 06°18.748, E 112°36.770

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