We have won!

We are happy. We are proud. We have won.

We hereby break the news to you that we have won this year’s SAE Alumni Award in the category “Special Jury Award” with our Sailing Conductors project. The jury supposedly decided unanimously and we are extremely happy right now.

After three weeks and many considerations on the boat we decided that our Smutje Hannes is taking his holiday early this year because he still had some residual leave. So he has been back to good old Germany since mid of October and he was in Berlin at the award presentation ceremony on the 18th. This here is the video Hannes showed at the convention and which we quickly snipped together on our last journey.
Unfortunately Captain Ben had to stay “at home” to take care of Marianne and to fix her up for the next year 2013 when it says again: Hoist the sails for America! We’re coming!

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