We need your help: Crowdfunding for our upcoming album

Our project in a nutshell: Just having graduated college, we decided to opt for a slightly unconventional first job. Determined to become music producers, a wonderful idea turned into reality: we sailed around the world and, through music, brought musicians together who had never met each other.

The principle is based on allowing a musician in country B to listen to music recorded in country A. Musician B then plays along, thus adding his or her own interpretation and adding a new level of meaning and depth to the ever evolving song. This is world music, taken to the next level. Expedition music.

It’s still hard to believe for us how lucky we are to have found and worked with such incredible musicians. We now want to spread and perpetuate these peoples amazing work.

For the past years we’ve been financing this project with our own means and of course with the help of our friends and family. Now that we are back home in Germany, we can’t wait to release 13 amazing tracks that we created with local musicians.

The project goal

We are more than excited to get this album out there for everyone to enjoy. The only thing we need in order to accomplish this is the support of people who simply love good and meaningful music or find our expedition music concept exciting. We’d like to be independent and want to avoid turning to a record label that might care more about profit rather than the love in the music.

why would you support this project?

If you decide to support us, you can choose from one or more of our ‘thank you gifts’ and you will receive the album before anyone else. The music on this album is unique and inspiring in every way. So many talented musicians became part of our project and of our small family and put all their heart and passion into these songs. We are so close to publishing and only have to clear the hurdle of financing.

Who will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We will use the funding to master and cut the record. Additionally, we will produce all the ‘thank you gifts’ and pack up and ship everything to the supporters asap.

Where can I support

Here: www.startnext.com/sailingconductors

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