12. Peregrine Nation

6 Musiker aufgenommen in den U.S.A., Deutschland, Irland und den Niederlanden

Vocals & Guitar: Lincoln Davis – http://lincolndavismusic.com
Cello: Captain Ben
Drums: Tim Neuhaus – http://www.tim-neuhaus.de
Bass: Robert Goode – https://www.facebook.com/robwgoode
Julie Scott – https://www.facebook.com/juliescottmusic & Ellen Wolff – https://www.facebook.com/ellen.wolff1


Verse 1
Leave me with a kiss
I’m on my way now
Your face I’ll miss
Hold no grudges dear
I got to be wandering
Into the clear

If anything I’d take you with me
But it just wouldn’t be the same
Don’t let there be words now
I won’t shoulder the blame

Verse 2
Cause I want to let out
The words within me
I want to shout
Cause it calls to my soul
I need to leave babe
Be all alone

See how strong you are
The fear is broken
I’ve played my cards
See ideas of men
Call up the dreamers
I’m conquering

Verse 3
Yeah I am young and free
I don’t need no home now
Just let me breathe

Yeah I’ll pack up and leave
My home behind me
Just let me be

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