6. All That I’m Leaving Here

5 Musiker aufgenommen in Thailand, Singapur, Indien und Sri Lanka

Vocals & Guitar: Lincoln Davis – http://lincolndavismusic.com
Hand Drum: Riduan Zalani – https://www.facebook.com/riduan.zalani.9
Backings: Ujjayinee Roy – https://www.facebook.com/singerujjayinee
Tabla: Udaya Kumara – https://www.facebook.com/udaya.kumara.98871
Cello: Captain Ben


All that I’m leaving here
Are things that no longer fit in my bag
Not that they don’t weigh much more than the rest
It’s more that I don’t feel like taking them on
And don’t be expecting no postcards from me
Cos, where I’m going they don’t send the mail
Ah I might send you my thoughts with a smile
But like I said baby don’t hold your breath

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