The Thai Blues

5 nations but 1 language. The Blues.
There is a lot of music in this world but only one particular style they all know to play: The Blues.
It is the song musicians play when they jam together. It is where western music comes from. The roots.
We have been working on this song for almost a year. We have traveled through 5 different countries. This is the outcome. Enjoy.

These musicians took part in the adventure:
Nainoi Nanon – vocals & acoustic guitar – Thailand … weiterlesen

About Madagascar and dangerous anchorages

Even though we arrived here only a few days ago, we have had quite a few exciting experiences on the fourth largest island of the world. It almost seems like the more dangerous the anchoring location is, the better the musicians are. We are not sure if this correlation is scientifically correct, but check out our latest recording and the respective (embarrassing) anchoring stories that accompany these. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Basically, there are two main options of how … weiterlesen

Kickstarter Acknowledgements

This video is dedicated to all the wonderful people who supported us on With your help we could replace our 36-year old sails with two new, white, strong and beautiful sails. Thank you guys so much for believing in us! These sails will bring us back home safely.

The Sailing Conductors

music by: For Headphones Only
produced by: Hannes Koch