25.000 nautical miles, 225 musicians, 31 countries, 2 buddies, 1 dream

Sailing Conductors


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20 musicians recorded in 7 countries

We dedicated the song to those standing in solidarity against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Go to our shop to download the song for 1 € or more – All proceeds go to Standing Rock and its water protectors. “Your fate is what you create”.

Music & Lyrics: Jack Mantis – www.jackmantisband.com
Video Editing: Michael Schulze – www.jackhead.de
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Can’t help falling in love
Wir haben noch nie eine Coverversion aufgenommen, aber da Jack der größte Elvis Fan auf Erden ist (ohne zu übertreiben) und seine Version von "Can't ... weiterlesen
Travelling Man
Some of you guys may recognize: This is the first track on our brand new Sailing Conductors album "AAA"! This is the outcome when creative, talented and ... weiterlesen
Kalighata (Rain Clouds)
This is the first single of our upcoming album "AAA" which will be released on Friday the 13th of September. Hell to the yeah! I hope you enjoy it and ... weiterlesen
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Ellen Wolff
Ellen is a friend of Hannes’ from Germany. And if you haven’t made it to join the boat in Australia, or Thailand, or India, or South Africa, or ... weiterlesen
Marvin Khoo (en)
Marvin is a passionate Jazz drummer from Singapore. Together with some friends he owns a music store called MusicGear where he is responsible for the ... weiterlesen
Nitin (en)
India is truly a fresh pool of amazing musicians. There wasn't a single day where we didn't meet one. Even on our last day in Mumbai when we had to take ... weiterlesen
Reinhard Liebers
Ben and Reini met back in high school, have beend friends ever since, and in November 2011 Reini wanted to stop by to meet and get to know Hannes and ... weiterlesen
Natthapong Yutthanasirikul aka Jay (en)
Natthapong Yutthanasirikul, also known as Jay, plays violin in the "Siam Sinfonietta" orchestra in Bangkok. Just at the same time as we were in Hua Hin, ... weiterlesen
Pimluk Vessawasdi (en)
Pimluk, or just "Mai", sings in the Bangkok "Siam Sinfonietta" orchestra. Many musicians were performing at the Hua Hin "Mrigadayavan Palace of Love and ... weiterlesen
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Mayhem and destruction before our longest trip – our second accident
I guess it’s not AS bad as the title implies, but it was pretty chaotic. Sometimes everything goes wrong. We had initially wanted to leave Simons Town ... weiterlesen
Rockin’ the boat. On our way to Madagascar.
Being on the road as much as we have been these past couple of weeks, I would like to spend a little time writing about Marianne. Wherever we go, we have ... weiterlesen
Failing Conductors
There are a thousand naked ladies in my bed, there are a thousand naked ladies in my head... (that's where they really are) So, back in Hua Hin, in a ... weiterlesen
Same Same but Different (part II)
So let's hope you've read part I and I'll jump right back into part II. We met a couple musicians at a bar with live acts and we were able to find a ... weiterlesen
A short trip to Baden-Baden
After 1.5 years of travelling around half the globe, I thought to myself: … „Hannes, your geographical knowledge of India is probably better than that ... weiterlesen
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