US & Canadian Tour 2015

Leaving their sailboat Marianne in Florida, Hannes and Ben, will now be touring across the States in a school bus full of recording and film equipment to capture new music. Starting from Miami on the 10th of April, they will be joined by Jack Mantis and slowly make their way up to New York where they will be around the beginning of May.


15 May 15 – NYC, U.S.A. – The Hive with Leah Shoshanah –> Join the Facebook event

If you are interested in playing with musicians from all over the world and sharing this extraordinary music journey, or booking a live performance and presentation feel free to contact them. Hannes, Ben and Jack will be happy to meet you somewhere down the road – may it be Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York, or anywhere else!

The guys are also super happy about possibilities to have a shower, enjoy a warm bed or simply have a night out in a bar!

Here’s their timetable:

9th – 11th April // Indiantown
11th – 15th April // New Orleans
15th – 17th April // Memphis
17th – 21st April // Nashville
21st – 25th April // Chicago
25th – 28th April // Detroit
28th April – 3rd May // Toronto, Canada
3rd – 5th May // Montreal, Canada
6th – 7th May // Portland
7th – 18th May // New York
18th – 20th May // Washington D.C.
20th – 22nd May // Richmond
22nd – 24th May // Jacksonville
24th – 30th May // Indiantown

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