Will Halsey

We got Will’s contact from Annie, a friend from San Francisco. We picked him up from his place, he didn’t live far away from Longbeach in Los Angeles. He quickly grabed his bass and we were already on our way to the beach. Of course the beach was crowded with people on roller skates (yes, roller skates, not in-line skates!), kids with ice-cream in their hands and beautiful girls in bikinis. Luckily the noise doesn’t matter when you record bass. That’s why we just stayed in the same café in which we had our first coffee in the morning, Will listened to a few songs on the laptop and started to rock. A little while later when it started to get really hot, we sat down in the warm white sand on the beautiful beach in the shade of a huge palm tree and Will played one of his own compositions for us on his guitar. What a relaxed morning!


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