Our first accident – Greetings from Malaysia

Initially, we were planning on posting one of the following two images as a little greeting after our safe trip from Singapore to Port Klang:

But just after having sat down at our new ‘office’ at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club to upload these images, a wildly waving and gesticulating man comes running up to us and all we understand is something like “your boat” and “come quickly”. Checking out the situation from afar, everything seemed to be fine, but getting closer to our little floating home, it seemed like the captain of the huge fisher boat right next to us should’ve attended just a few more “driving lessons”.

Seconds later we were in a motor boat heading towards our baby. We quickly realized that that big old fishing boat had tried to park or maneuver, or whatever it was the captain was doing, and had pushed its big behind into our brand new Mr. Vee self-steering and our wind generator, damaging both to a degree we weren’t all that happy about.

Other than that, our boat got some new scratches and dents during the little “bumper car” maneuver. I guess “isn’t it ironic” would’ve been the right line for this post. We travelled safely from Singapore to Malaysia, dodging hundreds of boats in the Strait of Malacca, docked safely at a nice port, only to be nudged (it was a little more than just a nudge) by a parking fishing boat. Call it ironic, call it funny …

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