Slow Boat to Africa

Well, thanks to our rusty old engine that desperately needed to be repaired we already spent a long time here in Trinidad and Tobago. But now we got it back up and running again so we’re ready to sail away on our “Slow Boat to Columbia”. But for you guys, now it’s time for “Slow Boat to Africa”!

For all of you who haven’t got themselves a copy of our album “AAA” should do that right away at And for the ones with the CD already in their hands, you can now enjoy the newly recorded steel pan of the best female steel pan player of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ahoy, The Sailing Conductors

Many thanks to:
K’an Burne – Vocals & Guitar (recorded in South Africa)
Taryn Adamson – Backing Vocals (recorded in South Africa)
Amado Dolinco – Conga (recorded in Mozambique)
Smutje Hannes – Bass (recorded in South Africa)
Juan Munhoz – Drums (recorded in Brazil)
Natasha Joseph – Steel Pan (recorded in Trinidad and Tobago)

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