Vocals & Gitarre: Lincoln Davis

Lincoln Davis

“Lincoln has a rare gift. He manages to EXTRACT every last drop of emotion from his nylon stringed guitar. His lyrics are as honest aS his technique IS flawless.”

LUX, Berlin Kreuzberg, 2009

This quote says everything you have to know about Lincoln.

The Australian grew up in South Africa, where his Dad picked up a few Flamenco skills from an old knife maker and passed them on to his eager son. Ever since, Lincoln hasn’t put his guitar down.

We got to know the musician in Berlin, where he lived for a couple of years while we were studying audio engineering. Ever since, he has been a regular and welcome visitor in the recording studio. When we met each other again in Sydney one thing was for sure: If he can’t sail with us, he definitely has to visit us on every continent we go. To travel around and to capture music with us, and thus this amazing musician is a major part of our project.

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