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We have crossed the Atlantic, have fought with the Indian Ocean, have survived storms and big waves of the Pacific Ocean, we have explored our way through the Australian Outback and the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Thailand, we have fought off crooks, have been robbed, we have drunk with bums and dined with kings. One could say that we have been exposed to many threats and have always managed to escape with minor collateral damage. It was our gut feeling that has kept us safe this entire journey.

While managing to keep going and avoid most physical dangers, it seemed a dangerous storm had built up at the horizon. A German storm of ignored bureaucracy. A simple piece of paper which we thought could cause a paper cut at the most, had expanded into a paper hurricane and wrapped around us tightly, almost capsizing and drowning our project. The taxman had been knocking at our door for months. Left hungry and craving for money. The revenue service had estimated our income and the resulting taxes to be paid. We were wondering which income these people were speaking of. But forgetting about taxes for a couple months is the same as digging your own grave for a couple months. We owed the government money. And for some reason, a substantial amount.

We used our emergency radio channel, channel 16, to send out a desperate shout for help. And it was heard by one. Heard by the life boat Mark Franzen from the Lawyers, Accountants, and Economy Auditors franzen | von der Lippe from Hamburg, Germany. They came to help and clarify all these misunderstandings. A close call.

Like a jibe preventer on a downwind course, Mark Franzen is now our emergency life jacket for financial jibes and is considered a crucial part of our safety equipment on every expedition.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

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Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer
franzen | von der Lippe
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