Franzen | von der Lippe – Rechtsanwälte, Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer (en)

We have crossed the Atlantic, have fought with the Indian Ocean, have survived storms and big waves of the Pacific Ocean, we have explored our way through the Australian Outback and the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Thailand, we have fought off crooks, have been robbed, we have drunk with bums and dined with kings … weiterlesen

ISTEC – The Downwind Company

Most of you will probably agree that there is nothing that makes a sailing boat look more beautiful than running downwind with a huge spinnaker. We are more than just excited to get our lady out of this marina and give our brand spankin’ new Parasailor sail by ISTEC a try! A full 67 square meters of pure awesomeness are awaiting us, wrapped up neatly in its Easysnuffer. So, come on, mechanic, hurry up with fixing our motor already so we … weiterlesen

Hanse Sail 2014 (en)

The website of the Hanse Sail currently has a small article on us at the top of their front page. The article is about our beautiful and most faithful Marianne. But on the downside, this article is not on how amazing this lady has been, but more on her fitness, or better the lack thereof. If there’s something on the boat that’s not rusting, then it’s most definitely rotting away in some other way. That is exactly why the Office of the Hanse Sail has decided to help us out with … a fundraiser! “Let’s get ‘em home!” is the name of this kind initiative. With your help, we will be sure to make it home in one piece. And as a small thank you, your name will be shown on both the Hanse Sail and our own website and of course, the Hanse Sail office will gladly issue receipts for your donations. So here is the presse release of the Hanse Sail (translated). We hope you like (or better dislike) what you see … weiterlesen

One Bead – Glasperlen für eine bessere Welt (en)

One Bead is a non-profit organization that’s goal is to elevate education in East Africa through the sale of recycled glass beads. One Bead currently receives shipments of 200-300 beads biweekly, which it then redistributes to representatives at College Campuses worldwide. These representatives sell bracelets at their respective schools and the profits are used to fund expensive, yet necessary, projects at the Oloosirkon Government Primary School in Kenya. One Bead has long-term goals to set up teaching programs in Kenya and motivate primary school students through the arts, music, and athletics.

Founder Sara about the Sailing Conductors … weiterlesen

Pretty much since the very beginning of our journey, the SegelReporter have done their very best to have as many people as possible read all about everything we do on, as well as off our lovely Marianne. In February 2012 we finally had the pleasure of meeting the man who never failed in putting together an interesting and exciting story and album from our pictures. Where did we meet this man, you ask? At the boot Düsseldorf, which is one of the largest boat exhibitions known to man (or at least to us).

Carsten Kemmling
Carsten Kemmling
Carsten Kemmling, the above mentioned full-on super-reporter, along with Andreas John, seized the opportunity and did a nice, long, interview with us at this exhibition. We would like to thank these guys for the interview and for putting these on YouTube for … weiterlesen