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We have known the founder of the fashion label Neonbeige-Ehrenfeld for a long time now. Nathalie van den Bergh is daughter to a real sailor and has been following our project basically since the first time we set sail.

This is no average clothes designer
This is no average clothes designer

Nathalie’s Neonbeige Ehrenfeld is not your everyday normal fashion label. Her designs revolve and evolve exclusively around hoodies, but not the usual boring stuff you will find at your nearest M&H or whatever they are called. The design has been a great success, especially in and around her headquarters in Cologne, also because her products are some of the most comfortable accessories that you will ever have around your neck.

“It just can’t be too hot for a hoody this cool!”

Driven by her desire to explore new grounds and inspired by our project, Nathalie got herself some fabric with anchors and dropped us a line:

“You MUST have these anchor hoodies because you will never have cold ears again and additionally they will keep your hairdo intact, will protect your ears from big boats and their horns, and are considered to be a lucky charm!”

We are excited about this new product and regardless of the heat here in Rio we do not want to take them off anymore. Ever. And soon we will be in colder areas of this beautiful world anyway and we are sure that these bad boys are going to protect us!

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