thales branche in his appartement in salvador, bahia, brazil

9. Lazy Afternoon

6 Musiker aufgenommen in Brasilien, U.S.A., Frankreich und Deutschland

Guitar: Thales Branche –
Vocals: Natalie Emmons –
Violin: Moniek de Leeuw –
Electric Guitar: Richard Case –
Keys: Dom Benigno –
Cello: Captain Ben


Lazy afternoon, don’t you end too soon
Make room, make room, for two, for two
Vagabonds with nothing to do, but
Bask in your glow, taking it slow
Don’t go, don’t go

While we still got your light
here’s our chance, here’s our chance
Honest little dandelions
Make our shadows dance, our shadows dance.

Lazy afternoon
Don’t you go anywhere, anytime soon.

We’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. Side by side till night.

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